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Mika & Penelope Lane

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We have a deep love for fashion and a passion for self-expression. The owner Mika embarked on a creative journey to bring you stylish and affordable accessories. Inspired by personal experiences and a desire to empower others,Mika handcrafts or curates each piece, ensuring they reflect the latest trends and timeless charm. Join us as we celebrate individuality and embrace the joy of accessorizing!

  • Sarah M.

    "This store is my absolute favorite! They have an amazing selection of products, and their staff is super helpful. Highly recommend!"

  • Emily R.

    "I had a great experience shopping here. The team went out of their way to find what I was looking for. Excellent service!"

  • Michelle D.

    "Top-notch quality and exceptional service. I always enjoy shopping here and trust their recommendations. Highly satisfied!"

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    At Penelope Lane, we believe that you work hard for you money and deserve affordable luxury. Each piece has been carefully crafted or curated to ensure you receive a unique piece of jewelry that speaks to your vibe.

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    Penelope Lane Jewelry began with polymer jewelry. We loved the flexibility it gave us to create handmade statement jewelry while also being ultra-light weight. All of the polymer pieces are one of a kind and handmade for you by Mika.

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